Byrna Mission 4 For Sale


Byrna Mission 4 For Sale

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Introducing the next level of home-defense badassery. Previously available only to law enforcement agencies, the re-engineered byrna mission 4 is the ultimate high-capacity solution to defend your property or just having fun in the backyard.


– 325 average FPS
– 50-60 rounds per 88g CO2 canister depending on environmental conditions
– 100 ft effective range
– 2-year warranty
– Under 32″ long
– Easy to use and fun to shoot

Mission 4 Bundle includes the following:

– Mission 4 launcher (with CO2 adapter + CO2 stock)
– Byrna branded Rifle bag ($100 Value)
– 2x 19 rd coupled magazines
– Small accessory kit (extra o-rings, allen key, lubricant)
– 2x twin pack of 88g CO2 cartridges (4 cartridges total)
– 2x 95ct of Byrna Kinetic

Product Features:

– Fully pneumatic operation, does not use batteries or electronics
– High-performance in-line bolt system
– Durable magnesium receiver
– AR-15 style M-LOK shroud with 4-sided picatinny rails
– Integrated sling mounts
– Flip-up adjustable front and rear sights
– Vertical fore grip
– Two position external selector switch: Safe or Firing Mode
– Includes one orange and one black 19 round magazines with magazine coupler, perfect to run Byrna Kinetic in the black mag and Byrna Pepper in the orange mag
– Uses 88g CO2 cartridge, allows the unit to always be ready without concern for high pressure air tanks leaking or needing to get them refilled
– High visibility less lethal orange coloration for easy identification
– Anodized orange fully aluminum charging handle
– High performance anodized orange barrel with muzzle brake
– Gas On/Off slide valve allows the user to disconnect the CO2 source from the launcher


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