Buffalo Bore Ammunition 44 Special 255 Grain Lead Keith-Type Semi-Wadcutter Gas Check 500 rounds

Buffalo Bore Ammunition 44 Special 255 Grain Lead Keith-Type Semi-Wadcutter Gas Check 500 rounds


44 Special
Grain Weight
255 Grains
500 Round
Muzzle Velocity
1000 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
566 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Lead Free
Case Type


Buffalo Bore Heavy ammunition is loaded with the highest quality components to produce great accuracy and performance. From powder to bullet selection this load is made to be one of the best defense loads available. This ammunition is safe to fire in any firearm chambered in 44 Special or 44 Remington Magnum except for Charter Arms Bull Dog. Do Not Fire this ammunition in a Charter Arms Bull Dog.

Owner of Buffalo Bore Tim Sundles on Heavy 44 Special Ammunition:

Our purpose in developing this HEAVY 44 SPL load was to duplicate our renowned 38 SPL +P 158 gr. soft cast HP @ 1000 fps out of a 2 inch revolver, (Item 20A) but with a 190gr. 44 caliber bullet. This load was designed SPECIFICALLY for defensive use. You can see our below velocities fired from my real world stock revolvers. We use only real world firearms in developing our published velocities and feel it is dishonest to use extra long laboratory test barrels that give false high velocities that over-the-counter carry guns cannot duplicate. You need to know what your ammo is doing in the real world, not a lab.

1. 6″ Ruger .44 Magnum Super Blackhawk

  • b. Item #14B – 1044 fps

    2. 3.25″ S&W Model 396

  • b. Item #14B – 984 fps

    We developed this bullet to be soft (6 BHN) enough to mushroom at impact speeds around 750 fps, yet we wanted it hard enough (pure lead is 4 BHN) that it would not lead a normal revolver barrel. This bullet accomplishes both requirements. Depending on impact velocities, expect about 18 inches of penetration in tissues, which should give ample penetration at bad angles to disable.

    This bullet was also designed with a special crimp groove and the case mouth is heavily crimped and this bullet will NOT jump crimp in the lightweight alloy revolvers, provided you rotate the unfired rounds and thus do not expose unfired rounds to the recoil of more than about 10 firings.

    We are using a flash suppressed powder so you won’t become blinded by your own gunfire in the likely event you drop the hammer in a low-light defensive situation.

    ATTENTION: Not intended for use in the Charter Arms Bulldog.


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